Our Light Philosophy

We are born of Light, onto this Earthly plane; born onto Gaia, with the ability to heal our own bodies, including our Spirit Bodies.  Stress dims our natural Inner Light, our Life Force (Nwfyre). Astral Dragonz provides the healers, teachers and tools you need for a happy, fulfilling and spiritually-supported life.

Our Story

We have exisited in many forms since 1998. When Rev. Dr. Daye Condon completed his Druid Master training and was name Scaith Maistir.

In 2018, Rev. Dr. Daye met and begin working with Susan Langley at LightWeavers Metaphysical Boutique in Citrus Heights, Ca.

Rev. Dr. Daye was happy to begin a collaboration with LightWeavers and Susan in 2019 and begin sharing a store front with her then.

Meet the Team


Rev. Dr. Daye Condon;P.hD(h)

Founder & CEO

Master Shadow Druid, Reiki Master, Crystal & Animal Reiki Master, Ordained Priest / Reverend

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